An Ocean of Mysteries,
A Sea of Screams


Seahaunt 2025 is currently accepting reservations!

Setting sail Monday January 6, 2025 from the most haunted city in America, New Orleans!
5 days visiting Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico.
Our website will be updated soon. Many of the same activities and events for the 2024 cruise will be conducted. Celebrity announcements will be made later this year.

About Us


Seahaunt is an immersive experience that beckons all aficionados of horror, from films to conventions and the HorrorCore subculture. Dive into a realm of themed festivities, movie nights, meetups, and expert panels. Embark on a luxurious 5-7 day cruise journey, venturing to foreign ports.

Seahaunt’s themes will vary from year to year. Each year, Seahaunt presents a fresh theme, influenced by a blend of our destinations, esteemed sponsors, celebrity appearances, and contemporary happenings in the world of horror. Beyond the overarching voyage motif, daily sub-themes will inspire cosplay and a spectrum of eerie and fun activities.








until your Scariest Vacation Ever

Seahaunt 2024 Theme: High Seas Slashers

7 days departing the afternoon of May 12, 2024, and returning the morning of May 19, 2024.

Departs from the Port of New Orleans. Visits Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. *Cozumel will include our super exclusive Beach Party with all food and drinks included (VIP ADD-ON).

Nightly shipboard themes in no particular order:

Themed Cabin Crawl

Step into the enchanted realm of our event! Choose your destiny: be a Crawler, embarking on a quest for mystic treats from every chamber, or ascend as a Host, bestowing tantalizing tricks or treats upon the daring Crawlers. But behold! Hosts are summoned to transform their doorways and abodes into phantasmal masterpieces. And Crawlers? Dare to don your most bewitching attire. This is no mere child’s play – it’s an adult’s spellbinding trick or treat extravaganza!

Zombie Nightclub Invasion

Envision a world bathed in the dim glow of neon lights, where rhythm commands every heartbeat and elixirs flow freely. As the dance floor pulses with energy, just when you’re poised to unleash your fiercest moves, a chilling shadow descends. Enter the Zombie Walkers! We are the spectral invaders, transforming the ordinary club scene into a thrilling realm of the undead, adorned in haunting attire and ghastly makeup. We will invade the “normal nightclub in costume & makeup!

Themed Pub Crawl

Venture forth, if you dare, on our eerie Pub Crawl journey! While it might not be an official sport, our spirited squad revels in the thrill of wandering from one haunted tavern to the next, each step cloaked in the night’s chosen theme of chilling cosplay. Let the streets echo with our mysterious mirth as we immerse ourselves in the phantasmal festivities!

Monster Karaoke Takeover

Step into a realm where legends come alive, and melodies take a monstrous twist! Introducing our eerie Monster Karaoke Takeover: as the moon casts its spell, our cohort descends upon the karaoke bar, draped in iconic Halloween finery. We don’t just sing; we make the night tremble with our spectral voices, ensuring every haunting note is unmistakably HEARD!

Day of the DeaD Beach Party

Dive into the dazzling spectacle of the “Day of the Dead Beach Party”! 🌴☠️🎉 As an exclusive VIP indulgence, secure your ticket to an unforgettable escapade in the heart of Mexico. Relish in a sun-kissed, all-inclusive feast and libation extravaganza by the azure waves. While we honor the spirits of our cherished ancestors, we revel in the essence of Mexico’s magic. We might be ahead of the calendar, but as they say – when in Mexico, embrace the fiesta!!

Film Screenings

🎬 Lights, Camera, Thrills! 🎬 Dive into an exclusive cinematic experience as we unveil private screenings of “Kill Her Goats” and “Final Cut”. But the magic doesn’t end there! Join us post-revelation for an electrifying panel, featuring star-studded actors and behind-the-scenes maestros. Get ready to be immersed in filmic wonders and insider insights!

Check out the spooktacular stops we’ll be making on our sea-venture!

Journey with us through the haunted waters to the spellbinding shores of Cozumel, the ghostly sands of Grand Cayman, and the eerie echoes of Montego Bay. Each destination, a portal to tales untold. Eager for whispers of the spirits that await? Dive deeper into the mysteries by pressing the button, and unveil the enigmatic allure of our haunted stops.