Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the dark, mysterious waters of SeaHaunt, where spine-chilling adventures await you aboard our haunted cruise. Before you set sail with us into the abyss, we’ve gathered answers to some questions that might be lurking in the shadows of your mind. Dive into our FAQ below, if you dare, to uncover the secrets of our thrilling, horror-themed event.

Is a Passport Required?

Not for this cruise, HOWEVER, it is highly recommended. A Birth Certificate and state-issued ID is all that is required for this cruise. It takes several weeks/months to apply and receive your passport and we encourage you to do so. If you miss the ship departure at a foreign port you will need a passport to fly to another country. If there is an emergency at home that you must leave the cruise for, you will need a passport. If something happens and you need medical evacuation l, you will need a passport.

What is NOT included on the cruise?

Travel to the port of departure, precruise hotel, casino gaming and bingo, shopping, alcohol, soda, gratuities, shore excursions, specialty dining, trip insurance and VIP group experiences.

Does the cruise include drinks?

Our price does NOT include soda or alcoholic beverages. Drink packages are available for purchase from the cruise line after you have paid in full.

Will a schedule of events be available ahead of time?

Yes. We have several events planned but cannot put out a schedule 9f events until approximately 2 weeks before the cruise when the cruise line finalizes our event space. We will pit out a preliminary one but it will be subject to change.

I have a relative/friend that is a travel agent, can they reserve my cabin?

Unfortunately, our current contract with the cruise line does not allow us to accept outside reservations. However, we may have a program for your agent to reserve cabins. Have them contact us directly.

Why is your price higher than the cruise lines advertised price?

Our prices include port fees, taxes. The cruise lines do not add those until check out. We also have many more perks above what the cruise lines offer.

What is included in the ticket price?

Your total price includes all standard shipboard amenities and activities, food, coffee, tea, water at drink stations, port fees and taxes. It also includes all convention group activities not marked as VIP. Each day of the cruise there is a full schedule of cruiseline activities and our convention activities. Our schedule is specific for our group only and our event spaces are private.

Will there be celebrities on board?

Yes. Actors from the 2 films we are screening as well as the Goregouse Girls Models Absinthe Widow and Valkyrie Rose. In addition as we reach sales goals we will add additional celebrities. Keep an eye out on additional announcements.

Will there be a cosplay contest?

At this time, no. We do have themed nights to coordinate cosplays but we feel that during the inaugural year we want to not have additional pressure on passengers as this is vacation!

Can I buy a convention ticket if I booked my cabin through the cruise line's website?

NO. This is specifically forbidden by cruise line policy and we cannot allow you to participate in any of our events.

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